Turkish court fined TRT for using the format of “Turkic World Song Contest” without permission.

When all Turkvizyon fans and artists discuss the contest’s future a shocking news came from Turkey. The second civil court for intellectual and industrial property rights of Turkey fined TRT 25.000 Turkish Liras on account of the fact that the contest’s copyright is belong to Furat Emir. He applied to court on september 2, 2014 for accusing TRT over plagiarism. On 23rd of February 2017, the court reached a verdict and found TRT guilty. And also some Turkvizyon videos are dissapeared from Youtube including TMB TV’s Youtube Channel.

Also we want to give you the information that we are in touch with Furat Emir and he says the contest will no longer happen without his permission.

we will see what TMB TV do against these developments.