During last night, Maltese & Belarusian fans have chosen their entries for Eurovision Song Contest 2016.

The ten acts competed in Belarusian national final. They were chosen by expert juries in November and December 2015. But the winner was determined only by viewers voting in last night. Belarusian televoters have chosen IVAN with his song ┬á“Help You┬áFly”.┬áHis song┬áwas composed┬áand produced by Victor Drobysh, with lyrics by Mary Applegate.

The Final Results of the Televoting

You can watch the Belarusian national again in WebTV Player on Eurovision.tv!

This year Maltese national final hosted for 14 finalists. After the long programme, ┬áIra Losco has been selected as the Maltese entrant in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. As you know she had represented Malta in 2002 with her song “7th Wonder”, and she became 2nd with 164 points.┬áThe winning song has been chosen┬áby the votes of five judges and televoting made up┬áa further sixth of┬áthe total vote.

This year she will be singing in Stockholm, May the song Chameleon (Invincible) is composed by Ira losco and Talkback.

You can watch the whole show via Eurovision.tv web player.