What Ukrainian cities are proposing to do to win the right to host Eurovision Song Contest 2017? We will learn more about it in a special project of U╬Ť:Pershiy “Battle of the Cities”, first part of which will be aired on Wednesday, July 20, at 18:30 local time (17:30 CET) and will run for 2 hours.

The live broadcast can be seen on TV, heard on Ukrainian national radio and will also be streamed on Youtube and UA:đčđÁĐÇĐłđŞđ╣ Facebook page. Overseas viewers will also be able to follow Youtube broadcast with the commentary in English language.┬áTim Miroshnychenko will be hosting during all program.

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In the studio of NTU, in front of the whole country, representatives of Kyiv, Dnipro, Lviv, Odessa, Kharkiv and Kherson – six cities that have expressed a wish to host the Eurovision 2017 and submitted their applications – will present their proposals. During the broadcast there will be live connections with each of the cities, while discussion of the bids in the studio will focus on the requirements of the European Broadcasting Union. Also, the creative team of the project is preparing several retrospective reports – and will offer information on preparations and organization of Eurovision in last 12 years in different countries.

Participating in the broadcast will be representatives of the Organizing Committee on preparation and organization in Ukraine of 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, experts, musicians, people associated with the contest, Ukrainian Eurovision fans.

The next day after the live broadcast – July 21 – will be held a meeting of the Organizing Committee on preparation and organization in Ukraine of 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, in which two city-finalists who will compete for the right to host the competition will be determined. On this day, U╬Ť:Pershiy will be airing live broadcasts from the meeting, and the television viewers will be the first to hear the names of two cities, which will proceed to the final of preselection.

The third stage of “Battle of the Cities” will be held the day of the announcement of the city, which by the decision of the European Broadcasting Union and the organizing committee will have the right to host the Eurovision 2017. Details on the planned broadcasts on that day will be announced later.

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Source: OGAE