After a one year break Ukraine announced they they will have a strong National Final. Even NTU (Ukrainian Broadcaster), said that they will get help from private channels and they will try t make free votes for National Final.

NTU has been eliminating songs since middle of the October and now they released 18 songs for National Final.

After last week’s draws now we have two semi-finals which will be held in 6th and 13th of February.

Candidates For First Semi-Final


1- Jamala

Jamal joined to Ukrainian National Final back in 2011 but after non-certain voting results she came third in final. Actually months ago we have already written a post about Jamala’s return in 2016. Jamala’s song hasn’t been released yet but some rumors tell that her songs name is “1944” and a little bit slower than her 2011 song “Smile”

2- The Hardkiss

The Hardkiss band is Ukraine’s one of the most famous bands. It will be their first time in a National Final we don’t have any information about their song but there is a fact that they’re not gonna change their style and it will be in English. Their the most known song in Europe is “Stones”.

3-Brunettes Shoot Blondes

They had never been in a National Final too. They have already got attention on theirselves with their video-clips and songs. They usually sing in altenatşve style. They’re gonna sing English too but we don’t have any information about their song.

4-Svetlana Tarabarova

Only information that we have about Svetlana will sing in Ukrainian.

5-Vlad Kurasov

Ukraine people know Vlad from Last years X-factor performance he finished with a good place. It is Vlad’s first experience in a National Final. His song for National Final is “I’m Insane”

6-Aida Nikolaichuk

Aida is Ukraine’s one of the famous singers. But it’s Aidas first National Final experience too. Her song for National Final is “Inner Power” and she has recently released a snippets for 35 seconds.


In Ukraine National Final Lavika is a freshman too. Their song will be in Ukrainian and people believe taht their song will be the one they have already released 1 month ago.

8-Anastasia Prihodko 

Russia’s 2009 representer Anastasia will sing at Ukrainian National Final for second time. She competed in 2011 for the first time.

9- Tonya Matviyenko

Only information that we have about Tonya will sing in Ukrainian.