Ukraine will choose its 2018 representative via the national final of Ukraine; Vidbir 2018…

Vidbir consists of two semi finals and a final. The first semi final will be tonight and the second one will be in the next week. Total of 18 artists compete in Vidmir. They were siplitted to semi finals as 9 participants.

First semi final:

1. Constantine – Misto (City)
2. Serhii Babkin – Kriz tvoyi ochi (Through your eyes)
3. Laud – Waiting
4. KAZKA – Dyva (Wonders)
5. The VIO – Nganga
7. VILNA – Forest Song
8. Pur:Pur – Fire
9. The Erised – Heroes

The first 3 will qualify to the final and it will be decided 50% jury 50% sms.

In the jurors’ seat we will see Jamala, Andriy Danylko and Eugene Filatov.

Watch live here