Milano hosts EXPO 2015 this year and few days later it will completed. Many countries have a stand in EXPO 2015 and one of them is San Marino. This year nearly 240.000 people have visited San Marino’s paviglion in the Bio Mediterranean area. San Marino says “Goodbye” to EXPO 2015 with Valentina Monetta’s concert on 28 October at 19.00…She will perform with Simon Migani (piano and keyboards), Alex Gorbi (double bass and electric bass ) and Max Castri (drums).

Valentina Monetta represented San Marino in the 2012 (The Social Network Song (OH OH – Uh – OH OH), 2013 (Vola) and 2014 (Maybe) Eurovision Song Contest. In 2014 with her song San Marino was first time in the final. However her Eurovision adventure has started in 2008. Valentina Monetta sent in the song “Se Non Ci Sei Tu” for the San Marino national selection.