Our hot boy from #Melfest 2015 and 2016 Viktor Frish has broken his finger while lifting weight.

Everybody talks about their hot body instead of song and they are right but still it shouldn’t be a reason to go yo Andra Chansen. Unfortunately everything has a price if you have a body like Viktor you need to work hard but he broke his finger while working hard. Be Carefull Viktor #Mello needs you. And he did’t go to hospital until the end of the after party.

Right now they are at the top of Swedish i-Tunes.

Last Situation In Swedish iTunes (Will be Updated):

1-Bada Nakna-Samir &Viktor

2-Ain’t No Good- Mimi Werner

3-Himmel F├Âr Tva – Anna Book

4-Rik-Albin &Mattias

51-Pernilla Andersson- Mitt Guld

54-Busy Doin Nothing-Ace Wilder

62-Groupie- Samir&Viktor