Last saturday second semi-final of Ukrainian National Final ended. And Ukraine’s 2008 JESC representer Viktoria Petryk who finished in the second place in Ukrainian National Final in 2014. After performing seventh in Semi-Final Jury criticized Viktoria really hard.

Usually on of the juries Verka never wants the first right to criticize but in Viktoria’s performance he really wanted and he said: “When will you be yourself? You’re always following somebody else. when will you have your own song?” and the he continued “How will you influence Europe?”

Viktoria answered as “We’re really well-known in Europe. My sister had a really well-known victory in Europe and I Can make the same too.”

Then Verka with a funny tone “What have you and your sister done in Europe?” and Viktoria answered as “Me and my sister joined to Junior Eurovision and she won it in 2012.”

Again Verka said with a higher volume “I still don’t get what is Junior Eurovision. Why it exists ? and who watches it ? It doesn’t make any sense.  Kids should only go to school and study.” After an applause from the Viktoria’s fans he continued and said “Don’t get me wrong these are my thoughts. You have beautiful voice but your song is not affecting enough. Have you ever think that you can influence Europe with this song? It’s funny. Song is like You’re going Japan and making Sushi  at the end you’re saying “Oh I made some sushi” which part is shocking ? You are wasting money while buying songs and you’re making the composers rich.”

Viktoria hardly answered cause she was really sad : “We didn’t pay for this song it was a gift from Ylva and Linda sisters for me to compete in Eurovision”

And Verka Ask again ” You’re just 18 and you’re keep attending contest what is your goal?”

Viktoria: ” I’m trying to show Europe that Ukraine has really talented singers.”

Then presenter stopped Verka and passed to Konstantin.

Konstantin said: “I’m sure that you’ll have a lot of votes from Europe. But I don’t get that you’re composing and writing a song you’re working hard but like I’m going to market and buying Meat and cabbage from there with all of my money when I finished cooking dish tasted really bad so you did the same with your song your song is really bad.”

Ruslana said: “Your voice is really beautiful. When I close my eyes while listening you I’m hearing Leona Lewis, Helena Paparizou or Loreen but when I open my eyes I’m seeing Viktoria. Please be yourself while singing the song. Be sure that this will be best for you.”

Then presenter ask to Viktoria “Do you wanna say anything?”

Viktoria answered as “There’s noting left to say. They said everything!”

She got the lowest second from the juries and she finished in fifth place in televoting. People say that Verka is the main reason why she has eliminated.