It has just been two days ESCapenews Team didn’t stop and made an interview with “Eurovision: You Decide” candidate Karl William Lund. He will be competing with the song “Miracle” this Friday at United Kingdom’s National Final Eurovision: You Decide.




1- You have written the song almost four years so why did you wait four years for releasing the song?

-I’m constantly writing new songs and even though I knew I had something special with ‘Miracle’, I didn’t feel as is it was the right time to get it out into the world back in 2012. I had to let it breathe and I knew I would come back to it when the time was right.
Fast forward 3 years later and I was in the middle of recording what would have been a full length 11-track album ‘Oracle’. My brother-in-law was going through a serious cancer treatment and as I was observing his journey and seeing him try to stay positive for his family, ‘Miracle’ naturally came back into my consciousness and I knew that he was the missing link. So I called up my producer Ben and booked in some sessions with him, we finished ‘Miracle’ along with new tracks ‘Must See The Mersey’, which is about my Liverpool roots and another track called ‘Sleep’.



2-Why did you choose Miracle as your Eurovision: You Decide song?
-Because even though it came from a personal experience, I wrote it in a way so that it could resonate universally with people and ‘Come Together’ seems to be the main slogan for this years Eurovision and I thought that was particularly fitting.
3-BBC sent big artists and really good songs to Eurovision in recent year but why do you think since 2010 United Kingdom could’t get good results?
-I think the staging and production is a huge part of the performance. Last years winner ‘Heroes’ – yes it was a good song but it was the performance that really stole the show. Should I be successful on Friday, I have some great ideas for the Stockholm stage and I think ‘Miracle’ needs that type of stage to truly sell the song. The BBC in recent years have relied on both older veterans and complete unknowns to try and get to the left side of that scoreboard. But it needs to about the whole package; the singer, the song, the performance and the production. I think that the UK entries over the past few years have failed to tick all of those boxes but its time to get serious about this again.
4-Your “Halo” cover spotted by Ryan Seacrest and has reached 66K views were you expecting something like this while uploading the video ?
-No not at all. That was over 6 years ago that I uploaded that. I used to play it a lot in my open mic slots and it always went down well so I decided to upload it onto my YouTube channel. It was done on a very grainy black & white webcam but I think it was the rawness that made people respond to it so positively. The blonde highlights however is another issue!

5-Do you have any message for your fans in United Kingdom or all around the Europe?
-Sure! Regardless of who has followed me since day one and who has started following me from the beginning of the week, please know that your support means so much to me. It is always daunting releasing a song into the world, especially this one that i’ve held so close for a long time. The fact that people have taken it to their hearts makes this journey all the more worthwhile and regardless if I am successful on Friday or not, you’ve already made me feel like a winner.