ESCapenews team made an interview with Darline. They are one of the favorites in the Pools for United Kingdom’s National Final “Eurovision:YouDecide” which will be held in London this friday. Here is our interview




1-Does the song have a special meaning for you and how was the composing/writing process of the song?
-As songwriters when the song was proposed to us we fell in love with it and felt it was like something we would write. We both feel “Until Tomorrow” means about living in the moment, and holding on to something tonight as if it could disappear tomorrow. We hope the public relate to it as much as we do.


2-Was being young hard for you ? Do you feel any pressure ?
-We’ve been working very hard from a young age both as solo acts before we met last year. After both performing on our Local Music scenes regularly from the age of 14/15, appearing in various Festivals and Radio shows and releasing our own EP’s, we’ve built up confidence from a young age and our love of performing has grown even more. Supporting the Shire’s on their UK winter tour 2015, as our duo ‘Darline’ was a huge opportunity, our first ever live gig was one of these sold out shows and we performed to 1,500 – 2000 people each night. We both still get nervous but are excited more than anything and can’t wait to perform “Until Tomorrow” on Friday.
3-How and Why you decided to join Eurovision: You decide ?
-We decided to join Eurovision “You Decide” because we both love the Song Contest and have grown up on it since we were little. This is an incredible experience for us, to represent the UK in the Final in Sweden.
4-How did you find each other ? How did you find the name Darline?
-We met each other through Ben from The Shires, we were both mutual friends and he put us in contact with eachother. We then met up soon after (back in May 2015) and wrote our first song together and immediately clicked! Sharing a love of Harmonies and Country Pop music we found that we were very similar with the way we write, the artists that we listen to and were so excited to share this with someone else! Our Name “Darline” (pronounced like fine) came from one of our favourite bands The Civil wars and we reworded one of their song titles to make it our own!

5-Why did you choose “Until Tomorrow” for Eurovision: You Decide?
-We had been sent a few songs before we found ‘Until Tomorrow” and as soon as we heard it we fell in love with the lyrics and melody. As songwriters we felt this could have been a song we wrote ourselves so we felt emotionally connected to it.


6-Do you think United Kingdon can be successful again in 2016 ?
-We think all of the entree’s this year are from Credible and Talented Acts who would all do well to represent the UK. It’s brilliant that the Public can decide this year as it makes it more personal and gives everyone a say.
7-Abby said that her favorite band is ABBA so what is her favorite song ?
-Abby’s favourite moment of Eurovision was ABBA, in fact her favourite song of there’s was Waterloo (debuted on Eurovision) which she actually sang as her first ever song on Karaoke at 6years old!
8-What is your all-time favorite in Eurovision ?
-Our Favourite moment in Eurovision, was The Common Linnet’s from the Netherlands in 2014 with their stunning song “Calm after the Storm” and also Loreen “Euphoria” in 2012. Theres so many fantastic moments of Eurovision it’s hard to pin point just one!9-Do you have any messages for your fans ?
-Thank you for your amazing support so far and we can’t wait for you to see what we’ve got planned on Friday!