Ukraine turns back Eurovision Song Contest 2016! Director General of the National Television Company Zurab Alasania has announced…“Yes, we’ve decided [to participate], now [we will] get down to work. [We are] Looking for the ways to do it better,” he said on Tuesday.

Ukraine has joined the contest in 2003 first time and has won Eurovision Song Contest in 2004 with Ruslana’s song “Wild Dances” in Istanbul. Ukraine’s other top five results ;

Second:Verka Serduchka in 2007 and Ani Lorak in 2008,

Third:Zlata Ognevich in 2013,

Fourth:Mika Newton in 2011.

Ukraine has never been eliminated in the semi-final.On 19 September 2014, national broadcaster announced that it would sit out the 2015 Contest due to financial problems in Ukraine and Ukraine broadcast the contest despite not taking part.

Zlata has represented Ukraine in Malm├ in 2013: