Hello! As you know we are near to the week of Junior Eurovison. After the press center has opened and the representatives had arrived, it’s so crowded and active here around Sofia and the venue to host Junior Eurovision, Armeec Arena. Let’s look at what happened today at here.┬á


As we know, the theme song “#discover” which has sung by the representative of Bulgaria at last year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest and ended up the contest at 2nd place, Krisia Todorova, announced a couple weeks ago. And today all the representatives from 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest has entered to the studio and sang the theme song of this year’s Junior Eurovision.

To sing the theme song together has actually become a tradition of Junior Eurovision. The song has composed by Evgeny Dimitrov, Vasil Ivanov and┬áGordon Bonello, written by Matt Muxu. So that the representatives didn’t left Krisia, Hasan, Ibrahim and the choir of Bulgarian National Radio alone.


The draw of the running order has been announced. Here is the list:

Running Order Draw

1. Serbia
2. Georgia
3. Slovenia
4. Italy
5. The Netherlands
6. Australia
7. Ireland
8. Russia
9. Macedonia
10. Belarus
11. Armenia
12. Ukraine
13. Bulgaria
14. San Marino
15. Malta
16. Albania
17. Montenegro