OMG! This year SVT take this thing really serious what a night. It was really funny and anxious. Some of us not happy about the results ,including me, but still it was amazing and let’s find out what happened last night.

Hela Sveriges Fest

All Sweden’s Party #Melfest was held in Gothenborg last night. With the host’s Petra Mede and Gina Dirawi and with their amazing interval acts. For the 15th year of modern #Melfest stage was amazing with the led screens. Their first act was about how big #melfest is in Sweden.

And their second act was about budget and spending money cause SVT and Sweden infamous with not spending money for Eurovision.

And they brought Las Ketchup to #Melfest. All of fans felt sentimental for a minute cause they sang  “Asere Je”.



1-Direkt Till Final

Ace Wilder with the song “Don’t Worry” and Robin Bengtsson with the song “Constellation Prize” made through the final.

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2-Andra Chansen

Samir&Viktor with the song “Bada Nakna” and Albin&Mattias with the song “Rik” going to the Andra Chansen. We told that they will bring something hot Yummy Yummy.


In the first round Pernilla Andersson eliminated with the song “Mitt Guld”

And in the second elimination tour freshwomen Mimi Werner eliminated but majority of the fans on social media say that at least she should’ve reach the AC albeit heartbreaks she couldn’t made any peaks in Swedish iTunes now she is at 40th place. Sweden really doesn’t like the song maybe who knows!

Last Situation In Swedish iTunes (Will be Updated):

1-Bada Nakna-Samir &Viktor

2-Ain’t No Good- Mimi Werner

3-Himmel För Tva – Anna Book

4-Rik-Albin &Mattias

51-Pernilla Andersson- Mitt Guld

54-Busy Doin Nothing-Ace Wilder

62-Groupie- Samir&Viktor