Armenian National Final Depi Evratesil 2020 winner is Athena Monukian. Athena Monukian will represent Armenia at 65th Eurovision song contest in Rotterdam. 12 songs competed but In the surveys made before the competition, it was seen that the two candidates came to the fore and these candidates were TOKIONINE and Greek-Armenian singer Athena Monukian.

Results were determined by Armenian Juries International juries and televoting. The 2016 representative Iveta Mukuchyan and this year’s Junior Eurovision representative also performed at the night.


  1. Athena Manoukian- Chains On You(Winner)
  2. ERNA – Life Faces(Runner Up)
  3. Vladimir Arzumanyan – What’s Going On Mama
  4. Miriam Baghdasaryan – Run Away
  5. Gabriel Jeeg – It’s Your Turn
  6. TOKIONINE – Save Me
  7. Sergey & Nikolay Harutyunov – Ha, Take a Step
  8. EVA Rida – No Love
  9. Karina EVN – Why?
  10. Agop – Butterflies
  11. Arthur Aleq – Heaven
  12. Hayk Music – What It Is To Be In Love