It has been over two weeks since the Eurovision 2017. This year we celebrated the diversity with 3 male presenters in accordance to the slogan (!) Who can present the Eurovision Song Contest 2018? Here are the Portugese Television RTP’s potential server candidates:

Sílvia Alberto: Silvia has been presenting the Portuguese national final(Festival da Canção) for many years. She is the strongest candidate of next year with her English and sympathy.

Joana Teles: In 2011 and 2014 he presented Portugal’s vote. She also hosted the Portuguese national final(Festival da Canção).

Suzy: Suzy who represents the country in 2014, can speak English well. In 2015, She presented Portugal votes. However, She does not has any experience.

Filomena Cautela: She announced the Portuguese votes.

And the other candidates:

Sónia Araújo
Catarina Furtado
Luísa Sobral