Wiener Stadhalle will host Eurovision Song Contest 2015 final on the 23th of May. The preliminary work are already running! “Currently, Preparations are currently ongoing for the different agreements between the city hall, ORF and Vienna marketing. Required include: technical adaptations, it goes by as much as 40 booths or the creation of data lines. This happens during operation, so that when the town hall to the ORF is passed, these things are ready, “as Oxonitsch said.

The Village opened on May 17, immediately after the day before taking place Life Ball, which is also the Town Hall Square – in pompous decoration – is opened.
The design of the fan zone is for the operators, so the ORF. According Oxonitsch is likely, however, that the appearance will remember the summer film festival: “It is probably a mixture of presentations of the participating countries, performances of artists, catering and large LED walls. On these the semi-final rounds will be transferred as well as the final on 23 May.

Vienna’s proposed budget. “It will remain in the total 11.7 million euros,” he was convinced. In the package as the provision of city hall, performing the opening gala on May 17 at City Hall or the marketing campaign of the Vienna Tourist Board is included.The biggest challenge is the lack of time: At EURO we have had six years of time to prepare, here about nine months,” the Eurovision Song Contest City Council made a comparison with the 2008 European Football Championships