collage_20141230211759031_20141230211817625They have singed a peace treaty.

After a rivalry at Skopje Fest 2014, Tamara Todevska and Daniel Kajmakoski appear with a warm Christmas song “Za Mig” or “For A Moment”. Even though it has passed a week from the release of Brod Sto Tone video!

The video takes place in the center of Skoplje. At the begginning of the song, he is singing that he would like to be with her to be beside him for a moment. After Daniel, Tamara sings the same things and Daniel says: “Lights are in colour/ Beautiful appearances/ And where are you?/ It is empty without you. / Lights are in colour/ We are counting seconds/ I would like that you are beside me.”. Basically, they are singing that they would like to count the seconds for the new year together.