One of the veteran singers and composers of Eurovision and the whole Balkans, Željko Joksimović, has criticised current Eurovision voting system and the hosting of Austria to Blic Online.

According to Blic Online News, the veteran singer thinks that Bojana deserved a better result and he is against the latest voting system which has been used since last year.

“Bojana was excellent. Personally, i am against this voting system because it makes us question the purpose and the essence of the contest. And now, as it seems, the jury votes and the public votes are definitely too differrent.”

The comments of the composer of “Adio” was not enough. His next target was Austria, the host country:

“I think it has never happened in the history that the host country has zero points. Only the public and their taste are authoritative. Only they can make a song become last.”

After the grand final, Željko Joksimović approached Bojana and the composer Vladimir Graić and congratulated both of them. He was dissappointed because of everything happened. But he was pleased with her appearance and her song.

As in the actual order, Bojana became 10th in tele-voting as well; but she could only became 24th in the jury vote.